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Buying a Home 101 : First Time Home Buyers Guide

No Place Like Home

So….You’re thinking about buying a home?

If you’re a First Time Home Buyer the task of purchasing your first home can be daunting and lets be honest, a wee bit scary.

There’s good news though – a great Real Estate Professional is going to become your new BEST FRIEND!

We’ll be doing a series of blogs for First Time Home Buyers detailing out all the exciting things about purchasing a new home, but first lets dip those new home buyers toes in the Real Estate Waters and tell you the 2 MOST important steps! Hiring the right people to work for you!

Step 1 – Find and Interview a Real Estate Professional or 3! Sometimes the 1st Realtor isn’t the right fit for you – be comfortable interviewing multiple realtors. After all, you’re going to be together for a while! The average Contract Period once you have an accepted offer on a home is 45-60 Days and having a great relationship with your Realtor is key.

Step 2 – Get Prequalified with a GREAT Lender to find out what you’re qualified for!  Take some notes from your Real Estate Professional – they are guaranteed to know who the best Local Lenders are! After all, you don’t do this everyday, they do!  Did you know that Condos and Single Family Homes have different PreQualification Limits? What type of loan is going to be the best for you?  Your Lender can answer all those questions and SO much more!

In the Upcoming Series of Blogs, we’ll be discussing:

~ How Many Home’s Does it Take to Find the Right One for Me?

~ The Age Old Question, What in the World is Earnest Money?

If you have any questions that you’d love to see us discuss in the series leave a comment and we’ll be sure to cover it!

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