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Every Alaskan’s Favorite Fall Activity- Getting Your PFD!

Well, for us Alaskans its that time of year again. The leaves are falling, there’s a chill in the air, termination dust is slowly creeping down the mountains, and PFDs are set to begin arriving this week. Our amount this year, $1,100, might be slightly smaller than past years, but it still represents a wonderful influx of cash into the Alaskan economy. For some families, it can be a great tool to pay down debt or create some breathing room in their household budget. For others, it can be turned into larger splurge purchases or the beginning of college savings funds. One amazing way to harness the purchasing power of your 2017 Permanent Fund Dividend is to leverage it as a down payment for your future home.

Did you know that by simply stringing together the dividends of a typical Alaskan family of four, that the resulting $4,400 represents half of a standard down payment for a $250,000 house? If it seems that through intelligent budgeting and careful spending, down payment money never seems to accumulate, then this can be a fantastic starting point to instantly acquire a large portion of funds needed to purchase a home.

If you are considering making a purchase this fall season, feel free to call The Matt Dimmick Team. We can give you great pointers for saving up down payment funds, what types of loan programs are available, and how to make a smart investment on your dream home. We work hand-in-hand with a great group of preferred lenders to create win-win situations for all of our clients. Call us today at 907-865-6524 or email Remember, $1,100 is no small change. Why not capitalize on the opportunity and apply it towards living the Alaskan dream?

2017 PFDs

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