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Midtown Anchorage Real Estate

An eclectic mix of businesses, industrial lots, multi-family dwellings, single-family homes, and condominium units make up the area known as Midtown. Gaze across the city to find the grand business towers and large commercial centers common here. Alaska’s largest public library, best-known markets, and local shops are situated in Midtown Anchorage. ┬áNestled around some of Anchorage’s largest companies, most famous restaurants, and premier shopping sites, are the residents that call this area of Anchorage home.


Extending roughly to the East of the Lake Otis, West of Hickel Parkway, South of Fireweed, and North of Dowling, this area can certainly be difficult to define. In it, you can find any variety of dwellings, often in close proximity to other varying land-uses. Trendy neighborhoods fetch a high price, while affordable units area generally easy to find. This area often appeals to residents seeking convenience and proximity to all of Anchorage or a more urban-centered lifestyle.