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West Anchorage Real Estate

The history of Anchorage could not be written without the Alaskans who have made West Anchorage their home throughout the years. Featuring a rich tradition of pioneering endeavor, this part of Anchorage set the stage for our city’s transformation over time. Situated south of Downtown and Westchester Lagoon, West Anchorage has for years been host to people with the vision to make our city one of the best in the nation.

Today, you will find much of the area remains a throwback to the era in which it was built. Many homes in this neighborhood were constructed during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Established¬†homes have been renovated with modern touches, quaint neighborhoods have highly sought-after locations, and businesses have opened to meet the lifestyle demands of West Anchorage’s residents. New construction commands high prices due to the amenities this area offers. West Anchorage has always been a trendy choice for prospective buyer’s and the nearby restaurants and shops reflect just that.

It is here you will find some of Anchorage’s earliest institutions. West High School educated a generation eager to see Anchorage grow¬†for decades. Lake Hood, and its army of float planes, paved the way for the current international hub “Ted Stevens International Airport”. Earthquake Park and the Coastal Trail are reminders of the great quake of 1964 and the way it shaped Anchorage’s development. Westchester Lagoon has been home to wonderful wildlife and recreational activities for decades. Anchorage is a diverse city with many opportunities and offerings for it’s citizens. Count West Anchorage as a premier place to set up shop and enjoy our city.