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Vacant Land Real Estate

It is often times said that Land is the only thing they aren’t making more of. This is why it traditionally holds value so well; its supply is finite. Touring the State of Alaska this can be quite difficult to tell. Given our state’s enormous size and relatively recent development, there is an abundance of land to be developed all across Alaska.

Alaska has seen steady population growth over the past several decades. As people moved in communities have spread out and began to fill up the surrounding areas. Large cities, like Anchorage, have limited opportunities left for development. However Team Dimmick still finds that a steady amount of lots are on the market year-round in these larger markets. Mat-Su Valley has a vast supply of land for purchase and plenty of builders to construct the perfect home. The Kenai Peninsula also has plentiful land remaining for purchase.

The options for location, size, use, zoning, and price are seemingly limitless. So whether it is a homestead on 40 acres, a great site for businesses, or a dream home on the Anchorage Hillside, vacant land in Alaska holds remains a great investment.