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How to Approach The Summer Selling Season

Handling the Hectic Summer Market

As Alaska begins its transformation from spring into the beautiful summer season, one aspect we can always count on in the Real Estate industry is a dramatic increase in Closed Sales. Unlike other parts of the country, our spring season is quite short, which leaves precious little time to prepare for the busy months from June- September. Once the school year concludes, and concurrent with Memorial Day Weekend, we can officially consider our Summer Selling Season to have begun.

So what does this mean for our different types of consumers? Well, for starters, the relatively brief window means a hastened sense of urgency across the board. Typically, we find that our clients would like to buy or sell a home before the next school year begins. Couple that with fishing trips, hiking treks, and a desire to enjoy every last drop of sunshine, schedules can quickly become hectic. With a standard 45 day closing timeline, from the date of signing a Purchase and Sale Agreement to the transfer of title, it becomes more imperative than ever to act quickly to get under contract.


For Buyers: Quality homes in a great condition and located in sought after neighborhoods will sell very quickly. Long gone are the days of waiting for a seller to drop their price. If you don’t act quickly on potential homes, then another buyer will. It’s great to take your time and meticulously comb through the inventory if the market dictates, but the timeframe for buying a new home before fall simply does not allow it. Our compressed selling season demands fast action.

For Sellers: The heightened sense of urgency can mean several different things for a seller during this season. You might expect offers above list price, back-to-back showings, multiple offer situations, and more frequent open houses during this market uptick. It is more important than ever to be accommodating to buyer’s schedules and demands for access into the property and information about it. Pricing a home aggressively at market value will entice these buyers towards your listing above all others. Lots of interest from numerous Buyers will mean more net profit from your sale.

In preparing for these upcoming months, understand that Team Dimmick has numerous proven strategies and helpful tips for your specific property needs. Whether it is buying or selling, our ambitious and hard working team of professionals can completely guide you through a transaction. Rest assured knowing you can enjoy a “worry-free” process aimed towards achieving your Real Estate Goals. If you ever have any questions or would like more information on our market, please reach out to us at 907-310-2822 or email




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